About ConnectRail Services Limited.


Connect Rail Services Limited (CRS Ltd) is a wholly indigenous rail haulage, infrastructure and logistics support firm created to champion the active utilization of existing and new rail infrastructure for the movement of goods across Nigeria and West Africa by forming strategic alliances and working with the best professionals and technology in the industry. CRSL operates with the vision “to remain the most efficient private provider of rail haulage, infrastructure and logistics support service in West Africa”.

We believe that Rail haulage has a huge potential for meeting growing mobility needs of multinationals and SMEs in the Nigerian economy. Therefore, CRS Limited through established and excellent working relationship with the Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC) provides reliable, safe and cost-efficient rail freight/haulage and logistic support services to improve businesses in Nigeria.



Connect Rail Service Limited operates with the vision: “to be the foremost provider of rail freight, infrastructure and logistics support service in West Africa”.


To drive efficiency in integrated supply chain by investing in cutting edge technology, working with passionate professionals to reduce haulage cost, improve Turn Around Time, enhance credibility and ensure consistent safety of goods.

Our core values


Our word, our bond..


Innovate or die!


We follow one course until successful.


Delighted to do whatever it takes.