Wanted for Immediate Lease

  • Wanted for Immediate Lease

    Wanted for Immediate Lease

    We are currently providing an opportunity for owners of under-utilised trucks and container owners to generate guarante return on their equipments.

    "Our patners would enjoy guaranted return, fixed monthly return on the assests whilst we manage a day to day operations."

Trucking Leasing FAQ.

  • How long would the contract be for?

    Initial condition for the contract will be for one year subject to renewal based on satisfaction between both party.

  • Where would the trucks be working?

    Depending on the condition and type of the truck, the truck would mostly be engaged for local operations, working in the major city of Nigeria, Lagos, Ibadan, Port-harcourt and Abuja, but could also be deployed for long distance intermodal operations.

  • Who would maintain the trucks?

    The truck owner will provide major truck maintainance like truck engine, tyre, however we could support with minor maintainance below agreed amount.

  • Who would provide the drivers?

    The owner of the asset will provide driver, however, the driver would be subject to the term, condition and performance standard of our.

  • Who would be responsible for the payment of driver salary?

    We would be responsible for the payment of the drivers monthly salary and daily allowances, as well as health insurance and personal life insurance.

  • Who would provide the fueling?

    We would be responsible for the fueling of the trucks.

  • How can assets owners monitor the trucks?

    The owner of the truck will be able to monitor the movement of the trucks and activity via our online tracking system.

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